Saturday, March 05, 2011

Strawberry Clover checkered mani

Hello there! First I want to say that I got the idea for a checkered mani from the talented Erika. She's done many beautiful checkered manis on her blog and everytime I saw pictures of them I couldn't stop staring, so now I've finally made my own!
The colors I used are both from China Glaze, that's Strawberry Fields and Four Leaf Clover. I just love the funky combo of bright pink and turquoise :) Also the gold shimmer in Strawberry Fields gives the whole a bit more depth. The checkers are made by placing strips of tape on the base color (in this case the pink), after that I applied Four Leaf Clover and then topped it with a coat of Seche Vite.
I really like the look and it's quite easy to achieve, so you might expect more of them in the future ;)


  1. That's a great color combination! It looks very neat, too - I tried to do this once and my checkers were all wonky. :)

  2. Zara, thanks :) The tape tends to get off a bit around the edges, so everytime you start polishing you have to press down the tape again for neat edges.

  3. Love this combo. I don't think I have four leaf clover but I'm sure I can find something similar :)

  4. I did this tape mani! You have such great ideas. Mine is not that neat and the edges were not very crisp. :| This is mine! :D


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