Thursday, April 07, 2011

Black magic

Hello everyone! This afternoon I've posted the Black mummy mani, which I loved the way it was but I just couldn't resist to give it some magic! So I layered it with Last Friday Night from the OPI Katy Perry collection. And I know it would've been great if it, when applied on the nail, looked just like the bottle color. And I know that that's not the case, because it's so sheer. But that does mean you can layer with it! Which gives you a million more possibilities, isn't that sweet? :) Good night!



  1. oooooh jane i like it much better this way!
    i love last friday night even though it's so sheer.

    i wish OPI had a blue sorbet the same shade, i think 2 coats of that and one of last friday night would be perfection!
    maybe i'll make one... hmm....

  2. @rebecca: Thank you :) Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is very close! Beauty by Clara used it:

  3. /drool!

    wow...i have nothing else to say...but..this looks amazing!


  4. @Sarahlouise1986: Hahah, thank you :) Hugs!

  5. Love this look! I know this is weird, but it reminds me of those Herve Leger bandage dresses!!

  6. oooh, pacific blue does seem to be a good match! i never noticed that. i have it as well.
    i'll have to try it out!! thanks.
    coincidentally as you might have seen on my blog, sally hansen has a totally dupe for last friday night!

  7. oohhh, I saw your post on MUA this morning but i LOVE this mani with the glitter on it tons more!

  8. omg! i love this version even better! :D

  9. I love your manicure is so pretty and chic

  10. Thank you everyone for the great comments! :D

    @tasha~: Oooh, I can see what you mean!

    @rebecca: Cool, you already own it :D And yes! I saw your comparison, pretty dupy!

  11. This looks so cool with the glitter over it!!


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