Friday, April 29, 2011

Struck again

Hello guys! Since I'll be busy celebrating (mostly working, really) all day tomorrow during Queen's day, I'm posting this mani now :) It's another lightning bolt French. (Excuse me for the horribly corny names I come up with for my tape designs, but it's the best, non-confusing way to keep them apart.) The base color I used is Ms Jagger Green from Pieces, it's a really nice, bold teal creme, probably one of my favorite polishes. It applies very smoothly and covers in two coats, but the best thing is it doesn't stain! Which is quite rare for blue/green polishes. So no complaints at all. And the black is Color Club Where's The Soiree, if you've been reading my blog for longer you know it's one of my best buds!
I you like the lightning bolt design, just stay tuned because I've been preparing a tutorial for next week :) The design is very easy to do and great for tape-beginners. I've received some comments from readers that couldn't get my other tape designs done succesfully, so I hope this design will help those people to improve and get the hang of the taping technique. Goodnight!


  1. The lightning bolt is awesome! I love the color combo you chose.

  2. lovely, the teal color is really nice

  3. Again, I love this design. It´s better than a classic french manicure...

  4. hi i wanna try my first tape mini which one do you think i should start with?

  5. OMG. i <3 the teal! its so hard to find the perfect shade.

  6. love it as always!!

    I tagged you for an award on my blog sweetie x i Tagged your blog because i love it =)



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