Saturday, April 09, 2011

Trust In Fasion with Untamed Luxery

Hey everyone! Today I'm wearing one coat of Color Club's Untamed Luxery on top of two coats Essence Trust In Fashion. I'm a huge lover of teal and glitter, so you can imagine how I feel about this combo... I must've had Untamed Luxery in my (online) shopping cart about three times before I finally decided to buy it, why?! It's so pretty! So I'll just stop babbling and let the pictures do the rest. See ya :)

Color Club - Untamed Luxery
'Don't you just LOVE me?!'


  1. Gorgeous color, I love the sparkling (:

  2. Wow, this color is really gorgeous! I'm curious how it'd look next to CG - Atlantis.

  3. ^^ I also think this looks like a more opaque version of Atlantis. Its really pretty!

  4. is untamed lux really sheer on its own?

  5. Thanks for the comments y'all! :)

    @TheNailAddict: Yes! I've put them on a colourwheel, but haven't made pictures yet.. You'll see when they appear, haha :D

    @nicknacksnails: They absolutely have something similar, but not so much that you shouldn't own both (like I do) Haha :P

    @SarahLouise1986: Hey! It's so pretty! But it looks blue on your screen? In real life it's more teal ;-)

    @LisaInFL: Yes, a bit. After three coats you still have VNL :(