Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Hi everyone! A little while ago I made this Aladdin mani for the Disney nail art contest by Orlica at Confessions of a Polishaholic.
So my Disney mani was inspired by Aladdin, my absolute favorite Disney-movie. 
When I was a little kid, I already loved the movie and had a crush on Aladdin, lol! And now that I'm older I still enjoy Aladdin, maybe even more because now I finally understand all the words, songs and jokes :) Everything about the movie is just wonderful; the visuals, the script, the AMAZING songs and of course all the characters! So on my nails I have 5 favorite characters depicted, the magic carpet, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine and of course little Abu! All are freehanded with tiny brushes and an ocean of patience... And as a finishing touch I added some rhinestones to the magic carpet on my thumb and Jasmine's headband.
So go check out all the 22(!) amazing entries and vote for mine if you truly think it deserves to win! And make sure you're a GFC follower of Confessions of a Polishaholic or you won't be able to vote!

EDIT: The other day Orlica announced the winner of the contest, which was Kleopatre. She made a really cool Cruella de Vill mani, it was one of my favorites in the competition and truly deserved to win. So sadly I didn't even make it to the top three, haha, but I had a lot of fun making the Aladdin mani and just wanted to say thanks to those who had voted for me :) So thank you!


  1. Wauw die is heeeeel gaaf!
    JIj moet zeker winnen!

  2. You did a great job and you are one of my favourites! :D

    Please, just ensure that your voters are my GFC followers ;) Thanks!

  3. @Kelsey: Dankjewel! En stemmen dan! :-P

    @Orlica: Ooh thanks! :) And I've edited my post ;)

  4. Omg wow that is so awesome!!! The Aladdin and Genie are my fave nails =)
    Good luck to you!!! =D

  5. amazing! I really like it, you're very talented :D

  6. Woah this is so perfect that I first thought it was those fake nails with pictures on it!! Very well done!

  7. Absolutely amazing! I LOVE the thumb! I'll be voting for you. (:

  8. hi
    i just found your blog and it's awesome. i'm new follower :]
    visit mine, too, if you have the chance

  9. OMG, that's so unbelievably cool!

  10. amazing!
    i love the thumb especially.

  11. That is incredible. You are so talented. I love it!

  12. This is so amazing! I can't believe it. *Picks up jaw off the floor*

  13. good luck! I entered too :-) My Nemo looks like a fried fish lol but I love my seagulls ;D

    You alladin is sooo handsome! :D

  14. oh wowee i am going over now to have a look and vote :)

    shel xx

  15. I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can come stop by my beauty & hair blog sometime :D


  16. Hi! Your design is beautiful!! These characters are perfectly drawn:D And you're sooooo cute that you had a crush on AladdinXD I LOVE the movie too and Abu is my favourite:D

  17. this is so amazing! the monkey is super cute :D

  18. Wow, so many comments! Thanks so much guys for all the love!

    @Lydiane Gaborieau: That's a big compliment, thank you very much!

    @Minty: Thank you for the support!! Though it will be very tough to win. So many great entries!

    @maRyya: Hi, welcome! Thank you and I'll definately have a look on your blog :)

    @turtlechick12: Thank you!

    @Rikki: Hahah, you go get your jaw back! :-P

    @sabbatha: Hahah, I really loved your seagulls too! Funny you've pointed them in different directions! Good luck to you too. And I'm glad I've been able to capture Aladdin's handsomeness, hahah

    @Minnie: Thank you! Hahah, yes Aladdin was a little crush, but can you blame me?! Lol! I loved your entry the best btw! It really captures the fantasy and mystery of the Cinderella/Disney theme.

    @Jenny and Kaylie: Thanks! Abu rocks! :)

    @Zara: Thanks so much :-D

  19. Oh my gosh these are soo cute ! They arre also so fun.

  20. Wow is the first thing I thought when I saw these. They are flawless and very precise!!! The faces are so detailed, amazing!!!

  21. I saw this post in your link and I couldn't stop myself from clicking on it. My, my I am hell impressed. Such a magical, creative work of art. ^^

  22. Omigod.... SUCH amazing nails!
    Aladdin is like, my favorite character EVER, and holds a very special place in my heart. <3 I luv these nails! :)

  23. Oh my gosh these are amazing!!! I love your nail art!!!


  24. wow this is amazing!
    I woul love to be able to create things like this! keep up the good work

  25. Sorry I'm a bit late.
    But I had/still have a little crush on Aladdin too! :D
    And Jasmine has been my fave princess ever since I was 7!
    Imagine my delight when I found this manicure!!!

  26. I'm new to your blog, but you should've won! Yours was the most neat as well as creative.


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