Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bourjois - Bleu Asphalte

Hi everyone! For this post I want to show you a beautiful, modern polish from Bourjois: Bleu Asphalte. I think the name fits the smokey color very well, at first you'd think it's a 'regular' dark grey, but there's definitely hints of blue/purple in it. Blurple-tinted greys like this one are very popular at the moment and I didn't own anything like it yet so I'm happy to have Bleu Asphalte now. I had my eyes on this polish for a while, but I've had pretty bad experiences with Bourjois nailpolish, so I was hesitant about buying it. I've tried out six different polishes of the brand, and five of them were either streaky, creating bald spots or had a horrible drying time. And on top of that, they're not the cheapest out there either with €8.50 per bottle of 0.3 fl.oz./9ml or 0.33 fl.oz./10ml. But I loved the color of this one so much and I'd get the second polish for free, so I gave in... But this time the formula surprised me in a good way, it wasn't too thick or runny, just right in the middle and two coats were needed for perfect coverage. So I'm happy. And in a future post I'll show you that second polish I got, it's a muted blue with shimmer... Yummy! Thanks for reading :)


  1. really nice shade! i don't have anything like it.

  2. wow, i love the colour, it's awesome :-D

  3. lovely color, looks good on you

  4. this is lovely!
    i tagged you for the kreativ blogger award!

  5. So pretty! I love how it has hints of other colors in it.

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments! :-)

    @Smita: Thanks so much for the award, I already thanked you on your blog!

    @Floor Daasvand: Hahah, kan zijn dat je er aan moet wennen. In het begin hield ik ook niet van zulke "vieze" kleuren of taupe, maar nu wel. Wel bedankt voor je eerlijkheid ;-)


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