Saturday, May 07, 2011

Edward on top

Edward, oh, Edward... I love you so much! Talking about Essence's Nail Art Twin polish here :) Edward is a glitter topcoat with large teal/green squares, small light blue hexagons and even smaller holo glitters. Of course Edward should've been together with teal base color Bella, but she was sold out (or hanging out with Jacob...?), so I needed a polish to replace her. Surprisingly that became a pink polish: Rimmel Fancy Fuchsia. And I just love how these two polishes look together! Because I love pink (who doesn't?!), I love teal, I love glitters... Combine all those ingredients and you've got yourself one hot cocktail... Okay, I'll shut up now.

"Come on closer..."

Did I tell you I love to mattify glitters yet?

Essence - Edward
Yes, this Edward looks (even) better than the vampire...


  1. i'm just wearing bella, and she's gorgeous... but i like edward too ;-)
    this combo is awesome, i like version with matt better :-D

  2. Wauw die is heel mooi, toen ik 'm zag in de winkel dacht ik van 'nah' maar nu wil ik 'm echt kopen!

  3. Lovely combo!! The pink is just perfect,and the glitter goes very well with it

  4. Waaaaannnnt! This must be Twin day! I want them allllllll!

  5. hahahahahaha i loved your jacob joke!
    (i am a secret twilight fan)

    loooove this combo too!

  6. hhahaha, I didn't know that there were Twilight-named polishes! Of course a glitter would be named Edward ;) I like this look! Also, here is a Stylish Blogger award for you, well-deserved :)

  7. @Tessa: Thank you!!

    @nail crazy: I still have to get Bella! But she's sold out everywhere, boohoo! Everytime I wear glitters, I just HAVE to mattify them! It's too pretty, I can't resist, hahah. But of course I'll always share the results here, so you can enjoy 'em as well :-D

    @Kelsey: Hahah. Hij's echt prachtig :) Zeker de moeite waard om te kopen, nog meer met zo'n zacht prijsje! (1,79 euro)

    @Une Ruxi à Paris: Thank you! I'm very happy with the result too :)

    @Breigh: Twin day, hahah. Yes, Essence did a very good job! Glad you like it too now! Since you weren't very happy about cheaper (drugstore) brands after your Claire's incident!

    @rebecca: Hahah, glad you loved it! :-P

    @Hayley: Thanks so much for the award!! So kind to think of me :)

  8. WHY is it that they don't sell these couples where I live... Edward & Bella.. Chuck & Blair... Romeo & Juliet... I NEED them! :-(

  9. @TheNailAddict: It sucks that they're not sold in each Kruidvat store!! You really have to find the bigger stores AND be lucky if they aren't already sold out. Mine all come from a big Kruidvat in the centre, 'cause the one in my neighbourhood don't have them. Good luck!

  10. That is really pretty!!! I love the combination! :)

  11. Gorgeous!! I love it matte, too! So pretty! :)

  12. I hate that they don't sell this in the US, I would totally snatch them up. I'm dying for these! Is there any place at ALL that sells the essence twins online?

  13. yay!! ga in oktober naar nederland, en ben van plan 't kruidvat leeg te kopen qua nagellak hihi


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