Sunday, May 01, 2011

H&M - I Love Candy

Hello people! For this post I'd like to share another Hello Kitty polish from H&M with you: I Love Candy. Normally I don't really have a thing for purples, but this polish just has something that makes me love it very much. I Love Candy is a vibrant, electrifying pink-toned purple shimmer (that's a lot of words...), though my pictures make it look a lot bluer than it is. This polish is actually a very subtle multichrome that shows hints of pinker purple and in the bottle there's even a bit of gold, but don't expect to see that on the nail. The formula was nice and it covered in two coats.
I think this polish might have made me start loving purples, because I bought several beautiful purples after this one. Oh, by the way, look at the cute, chunky bottle! Thanks for reading :)



  1. OMG, this is such a pretty color. LOVE IT! =]

  2. i'll be going to H&M in about 2 months in montreal, i hope they still have HK polish!!

  3. What the fudgee ..I have just gone to H&M and I still haven't seen any nail polishes. NOW they have Hello Kitty nail polish grr- This color is so cute ^_^

  4. i bought this too, i love it! its such an awesome polish! :)


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