Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall color scheme

From left to right: Nice 'N Naughty, Moody Model, Looks Great On You, Hunt Me Down, Golden Treasure

Hi guys, just wanted to share this personal selection of H&M polishes with you,
wouldn't they make a cute fall collection? :)
Have a great night!


  1. Yes they would make a good fall collection! I would love to buy these!

  2. I have to get the Hunt Me Down, I've searched for a similar color for ages, it matches my eyes perfectly. :D

  3. These would make an awesome fall collection! Wish I had looks great on you!

  4. @Sandra - Essie has DaBush that is close to Hunt Me Down. It was part of this summer's Essie Resort Collection and all over eBay. I like to layer it over another Essie Sew Psyched now part of their classic collection but was out as part of Essie Fall 2010. I will mix the two sometimes as well on a piece of foil and paint them on that way.

  5. The only one I have is Hunt me Down, a very special colour. Are Nice 'n Naughty and Golden Treasure new ones?

  6. Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and tips!

    @marox79: Yes, they are :) So still available in stores, at least here in the Netherlands or online on their website.


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